Ricky calls it quits

Remember when Ricky Williams was normal? Ya know, he was Mr. Good Guy at Texas, the epitome of all that was good and just in college football. He played hard, respected his elders, and carried himself like the kid next door. And then he went pro, and apparently just went insane.

He hired Master P as an agent and signed perhaps the worst contract in recent sports history. He got busted for smoking dope. Twice. He made a pest of himself in New Orleans and got traded. He played disinterested at times. Generally, he was well on his way to bust status before seemingly get his head screwed on straight in Miami. OK, he was facing a fine of four game checks for violating the NFL drug policy, but he was coming off his most productive season as a pro. And now he just up and quits.

This is when I'm supposed to get on my high horse and say how he's selling out his teammates and all that, but you know what? He wants to quit, fine. Better he not collect millions of dollars when quitting. We constantly hear celebrities whine about being famous, but very rarely do they just up and quit to get away from the spotlight. Have you ever met an old football player? As a rule, their bodies are just destroyed. So Ricky walks away with millions of dollars and his health relatively intact. Good for him.

If he doesn't want to play, he doesn't have to. Just quit. Is it bad timing? Sure. It sucks to be a Dolphin fan right now. But it's not like he's gonna ask the Fins for reference or anything. If you hated your job, would you give a crap how the timing of your resignation hurt the company; particularly if you never planned on working in that industry again? Maybe you would, but not everyone is as good of a person as you are. You don't like you job? Then quit. And that's what Williams did.

Good for him.

posted by Poseur 7/26/2004 04:32:00 PM

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