Do we suck at basketball?

Of course, the USA doesn't suck at basketball, but the Olympic team may have forgotten. A couple nights ago there was the 17 point beat down by Italy. Most recently, the team needed a buzzer-beater by Allen Iverson to beat Germany.

What the Hell is going on out there?

I don't really know...I haven't seen any of these games. Of course, it's always hard to take a bunch of guys from different teams, put them on the court together, and expect them to play great. But these guys are all NBA players, and they're playing teams that have just one or two NBA players. Granted the rules are a bit different in international play, and yeah, the European teams play together as a unit much more, but the Dream Teams of the 90s never played a close game, much less lost to a mediocre team.

So, maybe there will be a reason to watch Olympic basketball. Are these guys going to choke like the 2002 national team did? Are they going to just relax for the summer and enjoy Greece, or will they use these crappy performances as motivation to play they way we know they can?

Either way, perhaps the time for the US sending NBA players to the Olympics should end. It was novel at first, but it seems old now. It seems like these guys don't care--the biggest stars don't even care to play on the team. The US should develop a national team separate from the NBA. Take 12 guys from the developmental league, or guys who couldn't get drafted into the NBA. Pay them year by year to play for the national team. If some get picked up by the NBA, fine--we can replace them. But there is no reason to think the USOC can't pay a handful of guys to play basketball for the nation. They'll practice together year round and learn to be a team. The talent may not be as good as the NBA stars, but I'd rather have some guys of lesser talent who actually care to play than the clowns who view this as a chore.

posted by uberschuck 8/05/2004 12:27:00 AM

Quincy Carter cut, Tim Brown next

The Dallas Cowboys surprised everyone by cutting Quincy Carter at thier California training camp. Carter started all 16 games last year, leading Dallas to 10 wins. Up until last year I always said that the only two good games in Carter's career were against my alma mater when he was in college. But last year he improved a lot (from hide-your-eyes-ugly to mediocre). He wasn't a liability anymore, he actually looked like a decent QB, but not a really good one.

There is some speculation that a bad drug test is involved, but since I don't know, I'll not talk about it as though it is true.

I could understand this move if Dallas had done something like acquire a good QB in the offseason, but now they are left with 90 year old Vinny Testeverde and two other QBs who have never played a down in the NFL. Surprisingly, Quincy Carter was their best option.

Well, Bill Parcells knows more about football than I do, so I'll just leave my criticism at "Huh?".

Bummer, Quincy!

Tim Brown seems to think that he'll be cut from Oakland on Thursday. While it's a bit sad to see a great player get booted from the one and only team he's played for in 16 pro season, we should have expected this. Even the Raiders have limits on how many aged players they can keep on the roster.

But someone will pick up Tim Brown, and he'll be quite productive, as he always is.

posted by uberschuck 8/05/2004 12:10:00 AM

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