Let's take a second to remember the greatest college football player you've never heard of: Ryan Dimwiddie. He closed his career last night with a win over TCU, and he ends his career with 103 touchdowns and 19 interceptions. That's unbelievable.

Boise St has lost only two times in the past two years in game Dimwiddie has played. Two. He averaged over 10 yards per attempt his entire career, and threw for over 9000 yards, 4000 of them this year. He ends his career as one of the most prolific quarterbacks in NCAA history. This kind of excellence deserved at least a mention in the postseason awards, but that's life for a skinny kid who plays behind center in the WAC.

It's been a great four years (three, really). Too bad most sports fans missed it.

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Price gets hired, minority groups cry foul

Price, 57, who was fired as Alabama coach last May after a night of partying at a Pensacola, Fla., strip club and never coached an Alabama game, was named coach at Texas-El Paso on Sunday. Price is the second veteran white coach to recently be given a chance at career redemption.

On Dec. 8, Central Florida hired George O'Leary, who resigned two years ago from Notre Dame after it was disclosed he falsified his playing and academic credentials.

With only five (4.3%) of the 117 Division I-A football programs coached by African-Americans and blacks making up more than half the players (51.4% last season), Keith is eager for more minority coaches to be given a chance.

Yes, the NCAA track record on hiring minority coaches is downright terrible, but how is hiring a terrificcoach like Price (or O'Leary) symptomatic of the old-boy's network. It's not like they are recycling unsuccessful head coaches, Mike Price almost won a national title at Washington State of all places. He routinely placed QB's in the NFL. Yeah, he's got bad taste in strippers, but you know what? What a guy does in his free time, so long as it isn't illegal, is his own damn business.

Price never should have been fired in the first place. And now he's got to start his career again at the bottom of Division I programs and people have the nerve to say he's only getting hired because he's a white guy in the old-boys-network? That's ludicrous. He's getting rehired because he's got a terrific track record and deserves a second chance.

Pick on other schools.
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Gioia is currently on suicide watch

Asked if the Saints had worked on that play in practice, Saints coach Jim Haslett said: "Not that version."

"Nothing had to be said in the huddle," said Brooks, who threw a good block on Jaguars defensive end Hugh Douglas to help clear Pathon's path to the end zone. "We all knew the situation. You're back (75) yards with six seconds left and you need a prayer or two (answered). It was a miracle that we were able to get in the end zone."

"It could have gone down in the annals of the National Football League," said Saints center Jerry Fontenot, who got the ball rolling with a snap to Brooks in shotgun formation. "But there are no gimmes in this league."

The Assistant to the SportsGeek, Jason Gioia, is from New Orleans. And like all good yats (I'm sure he won't mind be called a yat), he loves the Saints. Unfortunately, the Saints don't love him back, and every year, they find a new way to break his heart. But this one was extra specail. This was as close as the NFL will ever come to Lucy taking the football away from Charlie Brown. As someone who only lived in Louisiana for awhile, I just find it funny, but to Saints fans, this is familiar territory, and it sucks.

How do you miss the PAT after a play like that? People are making a big deal that Carney was perfect on the season on PAT's, but the average kicker is 95% on extra points. It's a layup, only easier. This is just an unexplainable miss. So I want everyone in Louisiana who is currently hyperventalting over the Aints recent debacle to focus on this fact: LSU's in the Sugar Bowl.

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