Actual news is sorta slow, so I've spent the last couple of days trying to put togther my All-Time team. Now, I'm not looking just for the very best players, they have to be able to play the positions, and then I'm assembling a bench that would make what I think is the best team. So, here goes nothing.

1 WILLIE MAYS, CF. The Say Hey Kid leads off. I almost took Rickey Henderson as my lead-off hitter, but instead I'll have him come off my bench as the ultimate pinch-runner. He can also play just a little defense.

2 TED WILLIAMS, DH. Playing with the DH allows me to stash Teddy Ballgame in my lineup without putting him in the field. A terrific hitter, but not exactly the most gifted fielder ever, I get the best of both worlds here. And maybe he'll be able to stay healthy given less playing time.

3 JOSH GIBSON, C. The guy may have more home runs than Ruth or Aaron. I would bat him clean-up, but come on, that's a complete no brainer...

4 BABE RUTH, RF. Only the best player ever. Also, in a pinch, he can pitch, allowing me to only carry 10 pitchers.

5 BARRY BONDS, LF. Terrific defense as well as the only 500-500 player. Left field is the hardest position to pick, as I feel pretty bad about not starting Stan Musial.

6 HONUS WAGNER, SS. Another no-brainer. The best player pre-Ruth by a wide margin. He can also hit a ton.

7 LOU GEHRIG, 1B. I like any team where Gehrig hits seventh. I thought about putting him 3rd, but didn't want to hit three lefties in a row, so I slotted right-handers at 3 and 6 and put Gehrig at 7.

8 MIKE SCHMIDT, 3B. I could go with Brooks Robinson's defense, but my infield defense is already superb. Schmidt's not bad with the glove, and has a huge advantage at the plate.

9 JOE MORGAN, 2B. One of those guys who could do anything out there.

1B/OF STAN MUSIAL. I have a lefty-heavy lineup, starting five, so Musial is my lone lefty on the bench. He can play any outfield position or 1st base, making him a great bench player. I can also get him regular playing time by rotating starters.
2B BILL MAZEROSKI. A late-inning defensive sub. Only the best glove man ever.
SS/3B CAL RIPKEN. I thought about another defensive sub in Ozzie Smith, but Ripken is nearly the fielder Smith is, but with a better bat and the ability to play third base.
C JOHNNY BENCH. I kept going back and forth between Bench and Berra, but Bench's superior defense won me over. Gibson's not exactly Bench back there.
OF HENRY AARON. Talk about power off the bench. At any time, I can go to the all-time home run champ for a clutch hit.
OF/PR RICKEY HENDERSON. Probably the greatest leadoff hitter ever, and the guy I'd want on the basepaths in the ninth down a run.

WALTER JOHNSON. It's my list, so I'll trot out the Big Train as my ace.
LEFTY GROVE. Mix it up with a lefty, maybe the best one ever.
ROGER CLEMENS. Sure, he's an insufferable jerk, but he's also one of the best pitchers ever. Give him his own room.
STEVE CARLTON. Went back and forth between him and Koufax, but Carlton's my guy.
TOM SEAVER. My fifth starter is Tom Seaver. Excuse me while I laugh with maniacal glee.

BRUCE SUTTER. He's my fireman, coming in during the toughest situations in the game, runners on and a lead to protect.
BOB GIBSON. Every team needs a long reliever, so I'l take the record holder for one season ERA. And in the postseason, I'll start him, as he's the gretaest money pithcer ever.
JESSE OROSCO. Why not? I need a situational lefty, and most bullpen aces are righties.
HOYT WILHELM. Throw a knuckleballer out there to screw up their timing.
DENNIS ECKERSLEY. The Eck is my closer.

posted by Poseur 4/15/2004 10:34:00 AM


Nuggets in!

And the Nuggets are in. It's been almost ten years since the Nuggets went to the playoffs, which speaks volumes as to just how poor this once-proud franchise has become. Alex English, where are you? But now Carmelo has taken the sad sack Nuggets to the promised land: a quick first round exit in the playoffs.

Hey, baby steps, people. For a team which has sucked so horribly for so long, getting blown out in the first round marks considerable progress. And the pieces are in place for a pretty godo team. Andre Miller's a top point guard, Carmello is a star, and Camby's a decent second option. A splashy free agent signing would actually do them so good. They aren't a player away or anything, but they are at least in the discussion for the first time in a decade. Good for them.
posted by Poseur 4/13/2004 09:30:00 AM

Phil looks nice in Green

BartCopSports has a long-standing policy that golf sucks. However, breaking all tradition, I will mention golf twice in less than a week, as I praise Phil Mickelson. you don't have to be a golf fan to appreciate Lefty finally winning a Major. He's a consistent top ten player, apparently well-liked by everyone who knows him, and just completely unable to put things together in the big tournaments. Until this weekend.

And he didn't just win. He didn't back into this title, he conquered the course with one of the all-time great back nines to win it. His final put was clutch, the one thing they thought he wasn't. It's nice to see a great player finally succeed after years of trying, partcularly when by all reports, he's a pretty nice guy.

posted by Poseur 4/13/2004 09:23:00 AM

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