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Friday, October 31, 2003

Back to the college picks...

Arizona at Oregon State (-22)
HmmmÖ how much will OSU blow Zona out by? 22 sounds about right to me. OSU

Arkansas at Kentucky (+3.5)
Three weeks ago, the Hogs would have been favored by double digits. I realize they have hit a rough patch, but this is still Kentucky weíre talking about. ARK

Cincinnati at South Florida (-2.5)
Big fan of the Bearcats. CINCY

Clemson at Wake Forest (-1)
Grobeís been letting me down a little bit, and Clemson has been quietly resurgent, but Iím hoping my Deacons donít let me down, Iíve ridden them this far. WAKE

Colorado State at Wyoming (+11)
Wyoming is flat out terrible. CSU

East Carolina at Memphis (-17.5)
Memphis is still living off that Ole Miss upset, but they havenít done much since then. ECU

Eastern Mich at Central Mich (-8.5)
Wow, a game between directional Michigan schools. Do not watch without adult supervision. CMU

Florida State at Notre Dame (+11.5)
I donít think much of the Irish, but they usually bring their A game for the Noles and should at least make a game of this one. ND

Florida vs. Georgia (-2.5)
The Gators are suddenly hot and the Dawgs are playing poorly. And recent history suggests UF will win big. Go against the grain. UGA

Illinois at Iowa (-26)
Thatís a lot of points to give. Beutjer can score a little. ILL

Indiana at Minnesota (-28)
The Hoosiers are in full-scale panic mode. MINN

Kansas at Texas A&M (-9)
Iím surprised this is even on the board with Whittemore injured. Without their star QB, the Jayhawks return to being, well, Kansas. A&M

Louisiana Tech at LSU (-27)
Spread seems about right. LSU

Miami at Virginia Tech (+3.5)
I really want to pick this upset but nothing leads me to believe the Hokies will pull it off. They might get some big special teams plays and pull it out, but Iím playing it safe. MIAMI

Michigan at Michigan State (+4)
Even undefeated in Big Ten play, Michigan State canít get the favorite nod at home against Michigan. The bettors have it right. MICH

Nebraska at Texas (-6)
Iím not sold on the Huskers. At all. TEXAS

Northwestern at Purdue (-18.5)
Well, now that the Wildcats have their upset of their system and Purdue has their inexplicable bad game behind them, things go back to normal. PURDUE

Ohio State at Penn State (+6.5)
The Buckeyes offense is terrible, but PSU is just playing miserable football right now. OSU

Oklahoma St at Oklahoma (-16)
Now, weíre aware that the Pokes have won the last two Bedlam games? And that Miles and Woods are both really, really good? I think the Sooners win, but that is a massive spread against a legit top 10 team. OSU

Oregon at Washington (-1.5)
Throw a dart at a board. OU

Pittsburgh at Boston College (-1)
Why on earth are the Eagles favored? Habit? PITT

South Carolina at Ole Miss (-7)
The Rebels are undefeated in conference play, but USC brings in a smash mouth running game which should give their smallish defense fits. USC

Tulane at Navy (-9.5)
I canít bring myself to admit Navy should be favored convincingly. TULANE

UCLA at Stanford (+5.5)
Why do people think the Bruins stink? They are unbeaten in Pac-10 play, and Stanford hasnít exactly set the world on fire. UCLA

Utah at Air Force (-2.5)
Utes go in there and pull the upset. UTAH

Virginia at NC State (-1)
A very tough call. Stateís reeling from injuries and Virginia has their star QB finally clicking. UVA

Washington State at USC (-12)
Wazzu keeps it close, but USC will be focused, and when focused, they are unbeatable. WSU

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